We buy LPs, 45s (7”), and 12” singles.

Some call them records, some call them vinyl, some call them albums. The big ones (LPs) need to be in sleeves for consideration, the small ones (45s or 7"s) do not. 

You can bring records to us at our shop (904 E. Center St, Milwaukee WI), or we can come to see them at your home or storage locker (for larger collections, 100+ at least). We are interested in seeing Soul, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Metal, Disco, Rap, and Weird records. Sorry, we are NOT looking for Classical, Opera, Country + Western, Kids, Christmas, or Polka records. Also we do not generally buy 78s (the 10” shellac very-old records).


LP stands for Long Play or Long Playing. LPs are widely known as “albums”. They’re also known as “33s,” because they play at 33 revolutions per minute. LPs are usually 12” in diameter, have a several songs on each side, and are typically packaged inside cardboard covers showcasing the band’s album artwork.

*LPs need to be in sleeves for consideration of value

45s (7”)

45s feature one song on each side and were famously played in jukeboxes across America. 45s are 7” in diameter and were typically originally sold with a plain paper sleeve.

12” Singles

12″ singles are the same size as LPs, but have only one song on each side - often called an A-side and B-side. A-sides typically had one popular song from an album or single. The B-side was used for alternate songs from the album, remixes or live recordings. These were made for DJs and often came in plain or generic sleeves.

Unusual size, color or shape

Records aren’t always round, and they’re not always black. In fact, vinyl records have been printed in different sizes, shapes and even colors and pictures printed in them. If you have something unusual to share with us, don’t hesitate to bring it along!


We buy old records. No collection too big. Give us a call or stop by the store.

Call or text Andy at 414-232-7606